Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 4

Question: How soon after a neck lift can I schedule a brow lift with forehead contouring?
Answer: It would be helpful if you posted a full set of facial photographs from all angles to make sure your candidate for two different surgical procedures. If you’re undergoing both procedures under general anesthesia, probably best wait at least one month.

Question: What type of plastic surgeon would perform a brow lift?
Answer: A facial plastic surgeon frequently performs browlifts. Look for a surgeon who performs lots of them. Study their before and after brow lift Photo Gallery. Also important understand that a brow lift not only lifts the Brows, but can make them more symmetrical, and soften the horizontal and vertical wrinkles on the forehead in addition to raising or lowering the hairline.

Question: Would I benefit from upper eyelid surgery?
Answer: From the one limited frontal photograph, you have very mild extra skin on your upper lids. Your right eye is worse than your left because your right eyebrow is lower than your left eyebrow. A very conservative skin only upper blepharoplasty under local anesthesia could give you some improvement. If you’re complaining of eyelid droopiness, it’s important to make sure you don’t have any ptosis present.

6 months post face, brow and neck lift. Unhappy with neck and face lift results.

A full set of facial photographs from all angles with your head in a chin neutral position are required to make a determination about what’s going on. The very limited photographs appear to have a bulging submandibular gland, but that will also need to be confirmed on physical examination.

Question: Is it safe to combine a facelift and brow lift with liposuction? 
Answer: In our practice, a male facelift and brow lift would take approximately 5 hours of surgery/ anesthesia time. Adding body liposuction would add additional hours depending upon what you’re try to accomplish. It’s probably best to separate your facial work from the body work and have them done separately, since this is done as an outpatient surgical procedure, not inpatient at a hospital. Please post full set of facial photograph to make a determination about being a candidate for both the facelift and brow lift procedures.

Question: 1.73cm, 80kg, male, 28 years old, brown skin – I want to know if have ptosis or not? 
Answer: Your photographs are rather limited, but it does appear that you may have ptosis on your upper eyelids, which is a weakness of the eyelid muscle. Ptosis repair is usually performed by a ocular plastic surgeon. A cosmetic blepharoplasty procedure will not help with this issue.

Question: Which type of Lift can reshape/raise a hairline and fix brow sagging and eye hooding after a brow bone contour? 
Answer: A full set of facial photographs from all angles are required to make a determination if you are even a candidate for eyebrow lift procedure. If you have already had a coronal approach, then a brow lift would be through the pre-existing incision which will raise the hairline.

Question: Upper, lower blepharoplasty, brow-lift? Which combination do I need? 
Answer: The 1 Limited photograph demonstrates adequate brow position even though your raising them to lift upper eyelid skin skin. Performing a brow lift will make you look very surprised, since your eyebrow position is higher than normal. A brow lift is only performed for patients who have low set eyebrows. An upper blepharoplasty procedure can accomplish removal of the hooded skin touching your eyelashes, while a trans-conjunctival approach lower eyelid surgery can accomplish removal of the fat pad bags creating the puffy look. The incision is located completely on the inside of the lower lids. After you have performed the eyelid surgery, then consider Botox in your forehead for the horizontal lines.

Question: Do I need brow lift or upper blepharoplasty to reduce the outer crows feet? 
Answer: Crows feet are best treated with Botox, not surgery. The height of your eyebrows is acceptable, and a browlift is totally unnecessary. There is not enough extra skin on your upper eyelids, therefore, eyelid surgery is not necessary.

Question: Which surgery would I need? 
Answer: From the one limited frontal photograph, you do not appear to have ptosis. Your left eyebrow is lower than your right, and therefore you have an extra pleat of skin on your left upper lid, which can be removed under local anesthesia is an outpatient procedure. This will make your left upper eyelid platform look similar to your right.

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