Brow Lift Consultation with Dr. Portuese

The consultation for a browlift or eyelid surgery is an important face to face time with William Portuese, M.D. This is the opportunity for the patient to discover what a brow lift can do and whether the patient is a candidate for a brow lift. Realistic goals and expectations are discussed at length and all questions are answered. Patients who have brow ptosis or severe hooding of their eyelids are candidates for this surgery. There is a charge of $125 for the consultation paid at the time of the visit. The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes with Dr. Portuese and will include an extensive physical examination of the face and forehead. An additional 30 minutes will be with the office administrator and patient care coordinator for additional questions. If a preop consultation is done on the same day please allow another 30 minutes spent with our nursing staff. Typically one of our R.N.’s will perform a preoperative examination and discussion within 3 weeks prior to the surgery date.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration during the consultation which include:

  • The medical history of a patient.
  • Forehead physical examination.
  • Patient concerns about facial features with special attention to the forehead and realistic expectations.
  • Explanation of the surgical techniques for the forehead lift are explained including drain placement and removal.
  • General anesthesia.
  • Dr. Portuese and the Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center.
  • Pre and postoperative care instructions.
  • Relative expectations and common risks with this surgery and alternatives, such as Botox.
  • A patient’s previous medical history and medical records including any pertinent records such as cardiology history.
  • Allergies to medications.
  • Herbal supplements currently being used.

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